Loom Kit

A kit to weave small squares of cloth from yarn.

This is our own loom design created to make weaving small pieces of cloth fast and easy. No threading of warps through holes is required, it is just wrapped around and through the looms teeth.

This Loom Kit comes with all the elements you need to weave a small piece of cloth from yarn.

Great as a teaching tool to show how weaving works, this loom can also be used to create woven squares for patchwork etc.

  • Loom Frame
  • One large shuttle
  • Two small shuttles
  • Two wodden needles
  • One ball of yarn suitable for warp
  • One ball of yarn suitable for weft
  • Instructions on assembly and use of the loom can be found here

    The loom is made from sustainably produced 3mm birch plywood finished in our own formula beeswax polish. The wood is Forestry Stewardship Council certified.

    Product dimensions: 20cm x 2.5cm x 3mm


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