Tapestry Square Loom Frame Set

A set of three loom frames and tools.

This is a collection of our small, medium, and large loom frames. Our loom frames are used to weave squares of fabric and to create woven tapestries. The frames can be used to make square or diamond pieces that you can join into larger patchwork items too.

The loom frame set contains:

  • 1 x large frame
  • 1 x medium frame
  • 1 x small frame
  • 1 x large shuttle (not pictured)
  • 1 x small shuttle
  • 1 x wooden needle
  • 1 x weaving comb

These looms and tools are made from sustainably produced 3mm birch plywood finished in our own formula beeswax polish. The wood is Forestry Stewardship Council certified.

Large Frame

  • Product dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 6mm
  • Working area: 19cm x 19cm

Medium Frame

  • Product dimensions: 19cm x 19cm x 6mm
  • Working area: 14.4cm x 14.4cm

Small Frame

  • Product dimensions: 15.4cm x 15.4cm x 6mm
  • Working area: 9.6cm x 9.6cm


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